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A book review of Can We Still Believe The Bible by Craig L. Blomberg.

July 15, 2014

blomberI really liked this book. I found that Blomberg wrote with academic credibility and depth while avoiding the danger of being too complicated while articulating what he was saying; it was challenging but not overwhelming.

The book looks at the issues often being debated regarding the Bible’s preservation, compilation, translation, historicity and inerrancy. What I found myself drawn to most what that Blomberg avoids and critiques the extremes on both ends of the debate. He carefully explains the positions of the Liberal and Fundamentalist positions and then suggests a reasonable middle ground that does not demonize the other.

My only criticism of the book is that he allows himself to be drawn into making comments about others who have commented negatively about him, and in so doing descends to their level of mean-spirited tactics. While he is careful not to make his words personal, I found myself uncomfortable with painting another in a negative light. This of course could be my own “Canadian-ness”.

The book is well documented with hundreds of endnotes and is very helpful in understanding the doctrine of inerrancy, even while some will disagree with his analysis. His balanced approach to understand the argument of the other and acknowledging the strengths of those positions, even while he may disagree, makes the reader better able to empathize with the full spectrum of all positions around some of the issues.

I would highly recommend this book. This book was provided courtesy of Graf-Martin Communications and Brazos Press in exchange for an honest review.


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